Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Externship–DAY 37–Time goes by SO Fast

Goodness, to recollect the day is a challenge! This morning we got to play soccer, thank goodness! I love playing that in the morning, it is really good for me and my energy. We broke and saddled our horses to ride, Sundance and I played with some more long line driving and liberty. Sundance is really starting to catch onto some of the harder concepts, I am really excited about him trying so hard. We hopped on and played with hindquarter and forequarter yields with Level 4 quality then trotting and cantering the cloverleaf pattern. Sundance responded very well and really started to get the pattern with some nice rhythm and relaxation, I was very happy and can’t wait to pick back up on this again.

We rode our horses over across the road to work with Nate, we had more hands on time to get a feel of the equipment. We had the chance to test on two of the tasks, testing with Nate is fun! You are a joy to work with, a wonderful teacher… thank you very much! Tomorrow is the big testing day, so I have more studying to do tonight… I need to get to it, dishes took a long time and I have been working on a speech about Paso Fino’s for class, I am almost done with it.

After lunch we rode back across the street to play with multiple ways to play the porcupine game, lead by the lip, ear, and chin. I taught Sundance to do this years ago, and I also taught him to lead by the neck, mane, forelock and nose… I sat with him and taught him to lower his head by lightly holding his nose or pinching his lower neck. I also reviewed the tasks Berin wanted us to do… Pretty fun stuff! I also played a bit more with backing by the tail, refining it a bit more! We had dinner and dish duty, now I am ready for bed. Keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow and Friday, it’s been a stressful week. Thanks guys!

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