Thursday, February 24, 2011

Externship–DAY 38–Horsemanship, Testing Over and Rotations

This morning we had  short but great soccer game, I LOVE playing soccer! When the apprentices and protégés get back from the Road to the Horse, we are going to have a tournament… the externs and interns vs. the apprentices and protégés. We are all very excited! We had horsemanship with Berin afterwards, we all rode in our confidence snaffles and played with the fluid rein concepts. Sundance has already learned to push into the bit, now I can teach him to round into it and really start to use it to shape him. I feel I am a good rider but it is very easy for me to get stiff and hollow backed, it shows in his back too. So we played with the fluid rein pattern like Berin showed us, really swinging our arm out and around, becoming light in our seat and rounding our own back.

I had an epiphany, my back totally transformed in that session! WOW, I went from riding with a sore back right below my shoulder blades to the point of almost having to stop from the pain to really being able to tuck my tail bone and feel free! It was amazing, my posture totally transformed and I was able to sit in the saddle and sit in my seat in a way that I could not even force myself to sit in before… looks like I will be doing this a lot until I can get my back to where it needs to be. Now that I think about it, where I was having the terrible pain, that is exactly where Sundance has the exaggerated muscle atrophy and that is the only place he really has atrophy…. Hmmm, how cool? Looks like where his back is sore and needs work on, it’s the same place on me! Wow!

Afterwards we went over to the lodge and took our written portion of the draft testing, after that we went outside and tested on the practical of harnessing the team, single horse and tying up special knots and reins/lines correctly. I was happy with my scores! I only missed part of one question… YES!

After lunch we met LeAnn Thacker at office for Administration rotation, BEST class time I have had so far. I got a real good check on draining my emotions and concentrating on the future, I was able to drain 4 pages of emotions and 2 detailed pages of my future, my values and how I am going to reach these goals… on of them was to win the lottery. Ha ha… Take a look at my page on for more detailed information on the class, really good stuff.

We had our meeting and enjoyed a more intimate meeting with the group as a large portion of the group is gone to the Road to the Horse, we should be seeing a live feed of it on the afternoons of this weekend which we are very excited about.

We had a great dinner, kudos to the chefs! We went to Coldstone to celebrate testing is over then we came back and played with some patterns on the ground with our horses, we took care of them and fed them. The lights got turned off and the stars shone bright, I laid in the middle of the driveway and just looked at the wonder of the sky and the unknown galaxies. The stars are breathtaking, we saw 2 shooting stars!

I have a good feeling tonight, I have my emotions under control and have totally surrendered to trust the process. Everything happens for a reason and as long as I am trying my best, that is the best I can do… I think we are supposed to have midterms tomorrow, we are supposed to be individually meeting with Berin and Brian and talking about the midterms and our goals and personal development, I am very excited to talk with them.

I am going to have to work around my nervousness and learn to take energy they have like a man, I can get quite intimidated easily and I need to learn to be confident AND respectful around my leaders, I don’t have to COWER and be respectful. We will see how it goes, please keep your fingers crossed and keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks so much, guys! Talk with you tomorrow!

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Priscilla said...

"...I need to learn to be confident AND respectful around my leaders, I don’t have to COWER and be respectful.."

SAME HERE!! Are you an RBE or LBE. I'm an LBE with a tendency to COWER. I have a lot of impulsion though once I'm confident. I can usually tone it down by listening to really relaxing and wonderful piano music. I really like the Composer, Ludovico Einaudi.