Friday, February 25, 2011

Externship–DAY 39–Personal Horsemanship, Hay Time, Reviews, and Road to the Horse

Most of the day consisted of personal horsemanship time, always started with a soccer game. Zoe and I got done about an hour before lunch and had to run up to the lodge and get some water for us since it was so hot! We met the draft team pulling the hay, Nate invited us to join them so we hopped on and helped them with the rest of the run. It was quite magical, and I learned a LOT of information. After the hay run we had lunch then ran and did more horsemanship, Sundance and I played with maintain gait backwards at liberty, FUN STUFF. A couple of us got to talk with Berin and Brian about our performance and receive our reviews, my most important things to work on is my impulsiveness… I need to feel of and feel for the situation and slow it down, so I won’t miss things. I am an extrovert on the chart on the outer quadrants, and like my horses my goal is to become more centered so I will be working on checking my impulsion. Anyone want to give me any tips on this? Any struggling extroverts out there?

Tomorrow is Saturday and thankfully we have the day off to rejuvenate, I do believe the only thing we are doing tomorrow is volunteering to help to do the feed run tomorrow since everyone is at the Road to the Horse. The Road to the Horse started this afternoon at 3:00 pm, and someone recorded it for us so we were able to view it this afternoon, Pat’s beginning demonstration really stuck out from all the rest because it really seemed about the horses and NOT him, I thought that was spectacular. So, we will see if I can control my impulsiveness and see if I can get a passing grade in 6 weeks. I am going to set myself up for success and say I will do just fine and I will move into internship this fall and will become a better person through the thoughtful advice from Brian and Berin, I have a lot to learn… thank goodness! ;-)

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