Saturday, February 26, 2011

Externship–DAY 40–Loving Life, Learning, Hay Run, and Road to the Horse

Today was a wonderful day, I really do love it here, love the people and the environment. This morning we had the chance to sleep in until 7:00 pm, I woke up and said good morning to my beautiful partner and ate some breakfast. Ran to Winning Edge Tack with Sarah and Zoe then learned some more interesting tips on barefoot trimming… I’ve got to be a bit more savvy with the hoof knife.

We had a chance to run the full hay rotation for the whole campus, I learned a lot about the horses, the people, and the campus from that run. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch around 3:30 pm and sat to watch the Road to the Horse until 8:30 pm. Pat Parelli absolutely blew the whole crowd and everyone in our room out of the water, he is truly a master and I am very blessed to be able to work so close to him and his students. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow, it starts at 11:00 am… we get to see a live feed at the classroom here of the event.

We were able to get some laundry done this afternoon, what a relief. In the morning we all plan on riding then watching road to the horse, then I have a project to work on with my friend in the afternoon.  I am still contemplating a lot on the personalities and how my personality is and what they are looking for in being centered here on campus, class starts back on Monday and we will see if I can catch some of my habits and get them in check… it will be very interesting, I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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