Friday, March 4, 2011

Externship–46–Horsemanship, Audition Training and Parelli Games Preparation

This morning we had a wonderfully exhilarating game of soccer, about blew my ankle out in the process but was totally worth it! We gathered our horses and played online with tasks that Berin Macfarlane set for is and watched each of us individually go through. We did the weave and figure 8 pattern and the 45 foot distance, canter on 45 foot line with flying changes and then trailer loading while sitting on a pedestal 45 feet away.

Afterwards we played with freestyle patterns, then a friend and I rode to lunch across the road together. After lunch we had audition assessor training with Ryan Rose for a bit, I am looking forward to passing a good lot of Level One’s! We rode our horses back across the road and I played with riding the foundation station ground pattern, helping Sundance’s emotional fitness and my timing and balance. We met Kristy Smith back across the road and set up for the Parelli Games until dinner time.

We had honestly the BEST meal here tonight, mashed potatoes and pot roast was out of this world! It was so good I ate almost two plates. After eating I helped out in the kitchen then ran back across the road to take care of the horses, it was a very good day and am looking forward to tomorrows adventures with anticipation! See you tomorrow…

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