Thursday, March 3, 2011

Externship–DAY 45–Horsemanship, Clipper Prep, Facility Rotations and Joyful Labor

Now I must think of the day, oh how the time flies! This morning we had a blood pumping and inspiring game of soccer with the group as a warm up. We all had horsemanship time from 8:30 to 11:00 am, I played with building rapport with the trailer, long line driving with 45 foot line, Liberty out in the open and in round pen, freestyle bridless in the 50 foot and out in the open. We had a very good session!

We had the pleasure of listening to Berin as he did a great demonstration of clipping the Parelli way, we all snatched some massagers and simulated clippers on our horses where they needed the friendly game the most. We broke for lunch and then our group had the facility rotation where we did speeches, a quiz, learned about plumbing, chain saws, hand saws and drove a skidsteer. I learned A LOT from Jim in this class, I learn a lot from each class! W

e had our very inspiring and morale building weekly meeting and broke for dinner, afterwards I helped with dishes and went to the office to update Parelli Connect because I was out of internet service, it’s fixed now! So I can type more. Tomorrow it sounds like we will do horsemanship in the morning, lunch, hay run and then setting up for Parelli games. See you then!

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