Friday, April 8, 2011

Externship–Last Day–AM Post

Good morning! Quite a sentimental and bitter sweet morning, I am walking out the door of the trailer with the remainder of my belongings to return no more. Last  night I gutted my trailer out and my tack room except for the current necessities so I would be ready to leave around lunch time today. My transport and my horse transport may have to postpone the leaving until 1 or 2 pm but that’s okay, whatever they need to do.

This morning I dressed up a bit and am sipping on a mocha cappuccino protein shake and munching on some cinnamon toast crunch, updating my blog and am about to go out and give Sundance a shower and touch him up with the clippers so he will look like how material as Marc De Champlian will be showing at the big show and Sundance will be staying with his horses at the show grounds today and the rest of the weekend as I learn from the show. We should be there sometime this afternoon, it’s 4 hours away from here. After my results yesterday and the opportunities that I had, have and will be given, I am so excited about this summer.

I will be activating my 1 star status and teach 50 free hours, I will travel and teach around the carolina’s. I also will be spending a LOT of time with a couple of 3 star instructors. I will be filming my Freestyle and Finesse and will get my black string and I also plan on doing a lot of showing this summer too. I will be doing quite a bit of horse development with  my herd also, so I am beyond excited about this summer. Well, I have to scoot! We are meeting Berin at 8:00 am for our last meeting with the possibility of a final soccer tournament against the proteges and apprentices. I will let you know when I am on the road!

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