Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reining Cow Horse Training with Marc De Champlain–DAY 3–Refining Patterns, Simplicity leads to Complexity

We ate some cereal at the hotel and then went to Marc’s place, fed, mucked and groomed. I had a chance this morning to go play with him at liberty and advance a bit more, working on getting more circles with lower phases, backing more circles and getting some super close circles. I rode around freestyle to loosen him up then put the B2 shank in and Marc had us play with simple lead changes with excellence on the figure 8 with contact and bending, transitions with weight at the right place and an exercise that is equivalent to the direct-indirect rein exercise which is leading to spins and roll backs! It seems I will be doing a good bit of working with other peoples horses and teaching people tomorrow which I am super excited about, can’t wait to tell you!

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