Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reining Cow Horse Training with Marc De Champlain–DAY 4, 5 & 6–Simple Patterns with EXCELLENCE, Body Awareness, and Principle #7

Day four I do believe was Thursday, that day was spent on horses teaching humans, humans teaching horses and humans teaching humans. In the morning I had the happy opportunity to play and ride Scooter, Marc’s prized champion reiner. I played with him in the round pen to analyze him before I rode him, he is a right brained introvert that is very willing to please. I saddled him and we went out and did patterns on him, figure eights with precision and simple changes. Really learning to exaggerate in my body and get in tune with the horse.

After those we did faster and slower circles, I was able to do 2 flying changes! Wow! We did a couple of amazing slide stops and spins, wow, now I know how it feels. We went to lunch and then came back to have a very skilled farrier shoe Sundance and put sliders on the back, boy does he move much better with these shoes on and they look wonderful. I rode him for a bit with Marc and then company came where I was able to do a demonstration at Liberty and Freestyle, I feel I did a pretty good job of explaining things.

Marc’s wife, Donna, brought her sweet pony, Snickers, a left brained/right brained introvert, out to play and see if I could give her some tips and we had a wonderful time! She has done a GREAT job with Snickers! The next day we got up and mucked stalls and I rode Sundance and worked on half passes and simple changes on a serpentine, I really got a hang of my simple changes! Bad tornado weather was coming so we went to Donna’s beautiful house for the rest of the afternoon and part of this morning, I had a chance to make some calls and catch up on some reading.

We left around 9:00 am, had breakfast and got back to Marc’s farm around 12:30 pm. We fixed some sandwiches, Marc wanted us to read some articles and then I got on Sundance and had a remarkable session where I believe I really truly am getting a hang of the lead changes and am able to set him up remarkably well to do them. We also got the chance to keep on working with our spins, I do believe our session tomorrow will be even better! I will be sure to tell you how it goes. We got back to the hotel early, I have a few things to do and need to bed early. So I will talk with you soon, looking forward to telling you more.

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