Monday, August 22, 2011

2 Star Instructor Course at Parelli Central in Pagosa Springs, Colorado - Day 1

Hello my faithful Parelli friends,
I have to apologize for not having updated much lately in words, this summer has been the most life changing I have had yet... and it is all for the better. Parelli has been the air I have breathed since I was fourteen years old, it has been the most important thing in my life. Lots has happened in my family and myself, including my mother and her back injury, it has all been very good with my mother's back as an exception. She still needs a lot of prayers, and I want to send a thank you to all of you that have been keeping her in your prayers. The biggest change in myself this summer is the learning of confidence in myself and switching my priorities around, my life is about God, my Family and then Parelli. My family has needed me, so I haven't had much time to do anything but teach and help the family. I haven't had a ton of progression with Sundance, and I do miss being with him but I do not regret any part of the past couple of months... the rewards of a happy family and the love we share could not replace any achievement I could get with a horse.
But thank goodness I have had the surprising opportunity of being able to come to Colorado for 3 weeks, I only found out on Friday and my plane left early Sunday morning. I flew into Dallas, Texas and then to Durango, Colorado then made my way to the Parelli Center. I had a great warm welcome, I am staying in a cabin here on campus. The place here is beautiful, I know the pictures do not do it justice but I hope you can get a little glimpse of what it looks like... I have never been to Colorado but I have to say this is the most beautiful place I have been to and I know I will enjoy being with my Parelli family. I have missed them, it's great to see everyone again. I will be staying for the Instructor Conference which is September 7-8, 2011 and the big Parelli Summit, September 9-11, 2011. I will be flying back home on the 12th and then Jesse Peters is coming back to Whitts End Farm in York, South Carolina in October and Sundance and I will be staying a couple of weeks there learning which will be very nice since I have had NO instructor time being that there seems to be NO 3 stars + available within learning distance for me. I am okay with that, because I know God has set this time apart for me to support my family, I wasn't supposed to be doing anything else, and now the doors are opening back up which I am VERY thankful for... I have really missed Parelli.
Sadly I do not have my notes from today, I left them a grueling hike back up to the cabin and it's getting bedtime... I need to get to sleep so I will be perky and savvy tomorrow. I will do my best though to share the notes with you tomorrow and more pictures I captured this afternoon. I will inform you of the happenings today though! We started class at 8:00 am where they did their normal good ol' Parelli greeting to the new clan and then had a special speaker come and update us on the newest future of Parelli, Tina Giordanio did a presentation on Speaking and Presenting, which I got 4 pages of notes on and absolutely adored. Carol Coppinger is heading all of these events of and talking through and adding her wonderful commentary when she can, she has a wonderful brilliant mind. We broke for lunch and got to catch up with old friends, then headed to the extern barn to do simulations with rein positions and 45 foot lines with Carol Coppinger and Lee Palmer... it was a blast to say the least, thank you for the joyful afternoon Ladies. We had dinner, Sarah Berg is here too, we didn't plan it that way but it happened and we are here together and ironic of all things in a cabin, just the two of us together. Thank YOU! It is great to see her again! Our other bunk mate from the Florida Externship will be here the last week for the conference and summit, Zoe Thorrez, I am very excited to see you also.
I hope I am back in the game at least a little bit now, who knows what life will every throw at you? Keep sticking with me please, I would love to hear your comments here on my blog to know your still watching! Sounds like I will see you guys tomorrow, goodnight my friends.
Sincerely and Naturally Yours.... Mariah Helms

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Priscilla said...

I'm living in Tuscon, AZ right now. Tina Giordano lives in Pheonix (about 2 hours away) and I've helped her at a few clinics. The best is that I've gotten a few private lessons from her, SHE IS INCREDIBLE. She totally belongs with Parelli and she is such a wonderful part of it. Pat would be SO proud of her (and YOU!).

It's people like Tina and you that make Parelli so awesome!