Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Star Instructor Course at Parelli Colorado - Day 3

Day 3 was another great day full of learning and fun, we weren't on the usual schedule as we had simulations towards the morning and classroom in the afternoon. We started off the morning in the classroom with both the 1 and 2 star instructors, Jim Kiser, facility design and manager, taught a class on facility management and design! The concepts of keeping it simple, and keeping everything Safe, Functional, Clean, Green, and Handsome. Jim is very savvy with his job, I know to be in his position that Pat couldn't expect anything less.

After that educational class, we drove back down to the extern barn to watch a freestyle drill team demonstration, I was caught up in the music and the fun... I really missed my horse after watching all of the fun they were having! Great job Extern team! After that was complete and horses put up we made our way to the red seat builders, where saddles were rigged and Berin did a demonstration on correct weight and rein positions, along with keeping a good feel on the reins and always considering the horse first before you went on with any task. It was a lot of fun and gave you a new and great perspective on your feel. It felt very good to be in the saddle again, even though it wasn't on a real horse, I still didn't want to get off! Humphrey, a sweet friend of mine that was an intern while I was externing in Florida, was holding the reins on the simulator and coaching us, he ALWAYS makes everything fun. Thank you Humphrey, it is great seeing you again.

We made our way to lunch, and then drove back up to the Parelli Central offices where we joined Sue Shoemark, Neil Pye's wife, in the upper auditorium for a talk on the book and concepts of Tribal Leadership and Zappo's concepts of Core Values. I really enjoyed the exercises she had us do, and didn't want the session to end. Sue has a very relaxing way to present material, her teaching style is very calming and low key, and really causes the point to get across that gets the topic to sink in and simmer for a while... some presenters have a high energy, that invigorates the atmosphere but the point can be lost and forgotten easily, Sue causes you to really think about the task at hand. I am looking forward to another session with her, I hope we will have another before these 2 weeks are up.

Every Wednesday night is campfire night I do believe, so we all enjoyed fellowship and a great cookout! Pat and the whole clan was there, including Tim Sullivan, singing and serenading us all as we enjoyed our meals. After everyone ate, we all gathered around the warm fire while Tim and Pat told stories and picked away at their guitars. What a great atmosphere, fellowship and the smell of burning wood... I took a shower out back while it was still going on, and through the little window above my head I could hear the songs, the stories, and the laughter. A moment I won't forget, we are very blessed for all we have in this life. I ended my day talking with my beautiful family, the biggest blessing that I have in my life.

Today? I have no clue as to what we are doing, but I know it will be good... talk to you again soon, my friend.

Until then!... Mariah Helms

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