Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 Star Parelli Course at Parelli Colorado - Day 7

Today was saddle fitting day, our presenters for the day were Tina Giordano and Letitia Glenn. The morning was spent in the classroom going over the basics and learning all of the shimming styles for each type of horse body shape. Then we went into another room in did simulations comparing a rounded back and a hollow back. What a neat comparison, really opened up my eyes. We had lunch and then met under the small coverall where some of the externs brought their horses, whether with parelli saddles or another type, and Tina and Letitia did a whole makeover. The changes were dramatic in these horses, and the riders could feel the difference... the crowd was awed. We were also informed that we will be up at Linda's house watching her take a lesson with Walter Zettl, the dressage master. What a privilege!

I received a comment asking if I would be doing internship, since I said I would start in October. I will not be starting this October since the Florida Parelli Center has closed, but I will be doing 6 week shifts of internships possibly in 2012-3. I will be attending the 1 month 3 star course next summer here in Colorado, but my ain focus is to come home and develop more horses into Level 4, teach, and assist under a lot of 3* plus instructors. I have a big event in my life coming up within the next month up into next summer, which I will tell more about later but it is all fantastic! I have also had the honor of being able to purchase a fluidity GP Parelli saddle for the purpose of serving my students better. As for the information on the Elements of Man, I do not think there is any material on this but if there is Parelli will be able to tell you at Thanks for the comments!

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