Thursday, September 8, 2011

Instructor Conference Day 1

What a GREAT day... full of surprises. We all met up at Corporate and class started at 9:00 am and ended at 12:30 pm, we all went over the stuff that Sarah and I learned in the two week course regarding the horse dispersal, new products, and new instructor guidelines. It was great seeing the new faces and meeting the ones I've known before, what a wonderful atmosphere. We made our way back down to the campus after a brief stop at a restaurant for lunch, and met under the big top to watch the Summit rehearsals with Pat's team.

Pat came out and did all of his intriguing, heart touching, and hilarious speeches... played with a multiple of his horses and different demos. WOW! Ryan Rose came out and did a demo, so did Jake Shoemark, Berin Macfarlane, a savvy student from Oregon, and a funny surprise skit by 2 mastery students. I learned a lot from just watching, lots of good ideas. Tomorrow we have corporate meeting in the morning, and supposedly Linda time this afternoon! :) Cool!

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