Saturday, September 17, 2011

Parelli Connect Updates

Parelli Connect isn't working for me at the moment... so I will just post here.

Thursday 15, 2011
Aamira - Online 45 minutes long line driving with carrot stick, downward transitions with the carrot stick, falling leaf and backwards S. She is super sensitive and confident, with lots of play... what a joy to play with.
Sundance -  freestyle and finesse 1 hour stretching in cradle and fluidity saddle,  playing with the game of contact at walk trot and canter. Maintain gait at canter on circle left and right in open field.
Friday 16, 2011
Bebe - Online 30 minutes long line driving with one line, circle walk and back transitions. Freestyle 1 hour open field in circle at walk and trot stretching, was right brained so he needed consistency, follow the " trail".
Sundance - Freestyle 3 hours - 1 hour stretching and out on trails, jumping. Finesse 15 minutes on jumping course.


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