Thursday, October 6, 2011

Berryville, Virginia Adventures

Hello Friends!
Just got back from Berryville, VA, working with Kelly Sigler and assisting with Gabriel Alway and 5 other instructors. On the first day we helped out with a freestyle clinic in the area of Level 3 all afternoon. Each instructor got a chance to teach and assist students which was great and got great teaching tips from watching Kelly. The next day was all private lessons, which were extremely interesting. Watching the different types of students and horses, and how horses interacted within a learning situation. It was neat to see the patterns of personalities and horsenalities that weekend, I noticed that most of the horses that showed up were right brained introvert... how cool. I have been falling in love with the right brained introverts lately, it might have to do with how interesting and sensitive they are... on top of noticing how much of a right brained introvert I can be, pretty cool. That next morning Kelly squeezed in some time with Sundance and I before she left for New Jersey to do more lessons. We played with Liberty, taking it to the next level, and Finesse and flying changes... we played with haunches in, shoulders in, sideways at canter and all the other ingredients to flying changes, and we got them! Very satisfied, he did a great job putting up with me and putting so much effort into what we were doing. I am home now teaching lessons and playing with horses a majority of the day, in 2 weeks Gabriel and I are going to assist Jesse Peters in York, South Carolina. I am super excited about that, I have been working with Jesse since I was I believe 16 years old. He has been a great teacher, so I can't wait to see him again! This will be the first time I work with him as an instructor, what a blessing. I will try to update soon on how the training is coming along in each of my horses... they are doing great, very proud of them. :) Talk soon!

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