Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moving Along

Anyone here love turkey bacon? I do have to say it's one of my favorites for breakfast :-) protein protein protein! Sephie loves it too... so it looks like we will be moving here in the next couple of weeks! We just put an application in on a home that's a bit bigger and farther out in the country, which we are praying will go through if it is the right home. Us country folks will be much happier,  than living in the middle of the city, though we are thankful for the home we are in now.

Right now I have "Goodwill"ed the upstairs, (my term for tearing up every corner of the level and throwing away crap in one bag and things that can be donated in another bag and taking them to Goodwill). I have to goodwill the middle level, then the daunting basement. I have kept things as organised as possible, though I have been pregnant most of the time I have lived in this home and then after that chasing a toddler and nurturing a newborn. Haha, the house gets left behind a little but I think the goodwilling of the basement will be a challenge but probably not as horrible as I expect! Looks like the horses will be on the back burner for a couple of weeks while I move, but thankfully my family is coming up to help and I am blessed with so many close friends that are for us too.

I have moved 2 times since we have been married, pregnant both times... ha ha THAT was fun,,, (partly sarcastic, partly not) so I can say that I am pretty experienced at this, and I stunk at it the past two times! I am determined to get it right this time! Here are a couple ways I plan on making it easier on myself and my helpers...

1. Goodwill the WHOLE house.
2. Organize every nook and cranny,
3. Get good boxes and start packing way ahead of time,
4. Pack box by room and label in large marker
5. Put masking tape marked with name (e.g. master) on each room door in new house so helpers won't be confused a to where the boxes go.
6. Make it a traveling experience, pack in suitcases what we all need for a couple of days as if we were going on a trip so we wont rely on things being moved - less stress.
7. Day before moving day, go buy groceries and stock the kitchen in the new home!
8. Possibly hire someone to clean the old home - stress buster for mommy!
9. Put plastic bags over clothes on hangers and swipe them out and go!
10. Saran wrap over open drawers that will be moving (e.g. chest of drawers)
11. Label and plastic baggy all the screws and little parts!
12. Box by numbers with list.

I think that's all I am going to do different, biggest thing I am going to do is NO WORRYING! I am a big anxiety prone person and moving has always been a big trigger for me, not this time baby! THIS is going to be fun, why ruin a memorable experience with worry? Why not shower it with music, joking, poking fun, lots of pictures, energy drinks, and love? Bring it on!

Here's some cool helpful moving tips!

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier 
I wrote this post in hopes to grab some tips and tricks from those of you who are experienced movers??? HELP! :-) Any magic tricks up your sleeve? I beg thee.



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