Thursday, October 14, 2010

7 Keys to Success - 3) Tools

"3) Tools - You have to have tools that work naturally. You should be able to tell a natural horseman by the tools he uses, and also by the tools he doesn't use or those he wouldn't use" quote Natural Horsemanship by Pat Parelli.

"Natural tools? rope halter or hackamore, 4 different lengths and types of ropes: 6 ft, 12 ft, 22 ft, and 45 ft. Stick or carrot stick, savvy string or bag.

Normal tools? Nylon web halter, 25 ft nylon web longe line, longe whip, longeing cavesson, stud chain, side reins, surcingle, twitches, breeding hobbles, regular hobbles and hot walkers." quote Natual Horsemanship by Pat Parelli

Why are these tools considered natural or un-natural? Pat explains the why and how in his book, "Natural Horsemanship".

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