Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Notes From Fast Track #4 - Nov.1 - 26, 2010

Saddle Fit and Shimming

Why do we shim?
- To offer scapula clearance.
- To find and stay on balance point/
- Fill in for muscle atrophy.

POSTURE = Muscles, tendons and ligaments


- Act like a partner when taking off the halter, nose in to you and have horse walk and follow you as you slide it off.
- For a left brained introvert, sit there and just relax a bit before starting liberty.

PORCUPINE = follow a feel
DRIVING = follow a feel-ing

Why play online?
1. To teach the human something new.
2. To teach the horse something new.
3. To prepare for something.

3 Laws of Parelli
- Put the relationship first.
- Practice in all four savvies/foundation before specialization.
- Commited to never ending self-improvment.

Humans lack...

You are a salesman, sell your idea to the horse.

4 Relationship Killers
- Anthropomorphic
- Cheauvanistic
- Autocratic
- Direct Line

More soon!...

Session with Sundance

Online - Playing with using more psychology rather than force, you cannot force a left brained introvert into doing anything. Trying to make backing all the way to the end of the 45 foot line more interesting, he will do it now with a phase 1 and trot back but it soon becomes very boring. This is a very challenging puzzle for me, but I am learning to get my timing right with this task... lately I will have it, then I will loose it because I will over do it in excitment! I want to make sure we have it, and I loose it in attempt of trying to secure it.

Ideas for Game 4 on 45 foot line...
- Back to end of line and stop at a point e.g. hit leg/butt on object and stop and lick.
- Same but sidepass over barrel and stop (he loves to sidepass over objects.)
- Back up various distances, and come in to me! Don't go too far, just this far then come back!
- Back up, then back sideways, then back, then back sideways.
- Give him an audial clue of a great job, if I excitedly tell him with my energy up and positive that he has done a very good thing, he gets excited and puts more effort into it... of course a treat NEVER hurts if used correctly.

Freestyle / Finesse... will write about in another post this afternoon. If you have any more ideas about Game 4 on 45 foot line, please email me at and I will put it on my next post. We can all share all of our ideas with our fellow students here! :-)

Savvy Out!

Mariah and Sundance


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