Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finishing Today's Session

After Online we played with Finesse (and Freestyle) - the Game of Contact

It was pretty much our first time playing the game of contact, it was lots of fun. The concept was pretty easy for him to catch onto, but of course we know this is something we will have to do everyday for a while to get it concrete. But Linda was right saying you would be amazed when they pick up on it, when he picked up on it at the trot I said "yee haw!" we were off! It felt so powerful! The game is very much mind boggling and challenging, so I love it! It keeps my mind busy so I LOVE playing this game. I will play with it again tomorrow and will continue to work on it as much as I can in my next future sessions. We are playing more with half-passes, sidepassing, shoulders-in and haunches in... that's always fun! Sundance seems to like Finesse a lot, he picks up on things very quick.

Groundwork is not his favorite activity but he does not mind being ridden all day! Our freestyle is a blast! We have been playing with getting our circles and follow the rail refined, arms crossed at all gaits. He is getting in the habit of backing at least 5 steps everytime he is asked to stop, and for the first time ever we are getting the starts of some slide stops! Watch out! We're going to be reining and cutting champs one day! :0)

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