Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 1 of 2 to Relax and Settle in - God's Blessing!

It's a little after 8:00 pm, around a gentle 60 degrees. I am here sitting on a bit of Sundance's hay in his nice roomy pen here at the Foundation Station at Parelli University. It is such a calm atmosphere here, I feel at peace and so does Sundance it seems. I am so beyond thankful to be here, I only hope I can perform to the best of my abilities and work up to the standards they uphold. Today was very nice, I walked with Sundance and Sarah across the street all the way through the student center and training areas up to Pat's Performance barn early this morning to take him to Jim Crew to get his feet shod, it took about 40 minutes to walk there and it was so relaxing! I had a group meeting with the small group of mastery students and our headmaster, Berin, played an icebreaker name game and got our homework and instructions for the rest of the weekend. It didn't last long, and we got
permission to play wherever we wanted and settle in the whole day. Class starts 8:30 am Monday!

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