Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starting Externship - Confidence and Determination

Today was very relaxing, even though I do feel this is the calmness before the storm! Quite a fun storm though, I guess? Like a snow storm, it can be so much fun and quite an adventure if you make it or you can complain about the cold and the power outage! ;) I've been given some great points about success... write your short term, mid term and long term goals down and put them in your pocket! You never know when you are going to meet someone that is going to make a difference in your future, like Pat says, "Be prepared every day to shake hands with your future." I do have my long term goals down here at my blog, and I do believe I am going to go to my RV and write everything down that I can and stick it in my pocket! I will also put the list here so you can see an example!

Do you know the name game? You get in a circle with a group of unfamiliar people with a ball of some sorts, say the persons name and throw it to them! The whole group says the spoken name and everyone who has gone puts their hands behind their back... and do that until the whole group is done! Then do it backwards in the same exact order! My homework for this weekend was to come up with 5 more ways to play the game? I have come up with a few, but would LOVE to steal a bit of YOUR IMAGINATION!

Our schooling starts at 8:30 am in the morning, but it sounds like it's going to start raining at 3:00 am! Haha! Looks like we will be learning in the rain! Hopefully it will be a warm refreshing rain. We are all staying at the Foundation Station across from Pat's house, I will whip up a diagram of the setup over there for you sometime so you can see how Pat has creatively set it up! It's wonderful and VERY peaceful, we are very blessed to have such a great setup over there!

Mark Weiler and Carol Coppinger graced us with their presence today, it was great to see! Did you know that there are 10 stars for Parelli Professionals? Did you know that Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt etc. were 10 stars? Pat Parelli is an 8 star... and the explanation of Carol's 6 stars lies in that fact. Carol Coppinger and any instructor can reach as high as they want, there is no limits! Nice to know that Pat is not going to put a cap on the representation of the skills of any and all professionals.

I am off to catch a shower and work on my list! Looking forward to your ideas for the name game and a BEAUTIFUL and adventurous day tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

With Confidence and Determination,

Mariah Helms (and Sundance)

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