Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Externship Questionnaire

A Savvy Club Member posted this question to me on the Savvy Club Forum regarding my Externship...

Hi Mariah,

Thanks so much for letting us in on such a special journey! I know for me that I'd love to learn more about the specifics of applying and funding, and those kinds of details. There a few options for what type of course and track to take it looks like. What did you choose and why?

I was playing in Level 3, and a few L4 concepts, with my levels horse before he injured himself. I'm now starting over fresh with a horse that has never been exposed to any kind of NH methods. I really wanted to get to a Fast Track this year but I am not sure she'll be there yet... so maybe next year!

What can you tell me about the process of getting accepted to arranging your stay there? I have downloaded the information available about the courses from the SC homepage but would love your insight.

Best wishes for all the success you seek!!


Hello Samantha!

I chose the Fast Track option, since you are required to have taken this or a previous 4+ week course before entering the Externship. I applied for the Externship and talked with the University Coordinator here at Parelli, Lee Palmer (lpalmer@parelli.com), about my plans many many months before I entered the fast track to set myself up for success and so they will know my intentions and plans for the future. I also applied for the Scholarship program many months before also. The most important thing to do is to let Parelli know way ahead of time about your intentions and plans and plan ahead, SET it up for success.

I was accepted into the Externship the Summer of 2010, but of course I had to attend a Fast Track first which was in the Fall of 2010. I tried my best to set myself up for optimal success in every way I could and completed my fast track at the end of November, I received a full scholarship at the end of the course. I went home for the month of December to rest and think about everything I learned and to prepare for my Externship. My externship started this past Friday and I am doing everything to put my best foot forward and be the best example of someone who wants to emulate what Parelli is really about.

I chose to go into the Mastery Program because I wanted to once again set my self up for optimal success and really get a taste of what TRUE Parelli is, it is quite different and the people and leaders of the program are totally different from what the Savvy Club Forum and members put off, they are all extremely positive, progressive and natural in every way and I could not say in words how proud I am to be a part of this company and to be a person that can learn from and add to the program.

With the right funding, I hope to make it through the whole Mastery Program and go as far as I can go. My goals for this year are to pass my Level 4, complete my Externship with honors as a 2 Star and perform with Pat Parelli's Western Performance team. My long term goals are already made up, but now that the pathways have changed and there seems to be a whole world of opportunities it seems that I have more choices and more thinking to do.

If you or anyone else has any more questions, please feel free to ask!

I hope this helps!

Mariah Helms


Priscilla said...

Wonderful answer, Mariah! :)

Samantha Thorning said...

Thank you so much Mariah! Very helpful! Sounds like I have a little planning to do and to get in touch with someone at the Parelli U.