Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Snow thank you for visiting!

It snowed! One more time just for me so I can see it before my winter dissapears as of Friday when I pull into the Florida Parelli Center! I'll be there for three months! As an extern! Yay! With Fabio with me of course, I am traveling with my best friend, Sarah, again and we will stay together there on campus! :o) Wondering of everyone's new years resolutions? Mine are to acheive 2* status as instructor, get Level 4 done with Fabio, get into Pat's western performance team, enjoy relaxing time with my family this summer, workout like I usually do but more and challenge myself in how far I can push myself physically, grow in the relationship with my heavenly father and myself, grow my hair out and BE THE BEST ME I CAN BE! What are your new years resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Great shot Mariah! Good Luck on the externship!

Priscilla said...

Bless you... You're going to have a great time, you and Fabio are an amazing team!