Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yee haw! On the ball...

I'm sitting here in my foldy chair watching Fabio eat his dinner, I've put quite a many miles on this chair the past few days finishing up my books! The other picture is of my mare today getting a splinter removed from her neck, Breeze is a good old gal at the ripe age of a sweet 30 years! Remind me to blog tomorrow about the session I had with Sundance yesterday that made me cry! Sundance has his health cert and coggins updated, I've also got to fax that in tomorrow to Parelli University. I had been keeping a watch on Sundance's eyes and noticed some cloudiness, I had Skip look and he said in his right eye he is forming a little cataract... it might stay, and not grow and it may grow in the future and IF it ever gets too bad we will take him to NC State for easy removal surgery! In the mean time I will be giving him a homeopathic remidy that will cause it to disappear as long as I am
consistant with the dosage. So Fabio will be fine, he will be fabulous! Leaving early early next friday for externship! 9 days left!

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