Sunday, February 20, 2011

Externship–DAY 34–Relaxing Day to Rejuvenate

Today our alarm didn’t go off! Oh no! We were going to get up at 7:00 am, we didn’t wake up until 7:36 am. We got dressed and stepped outside, it just smelled amazing, and the air felt so relaxing and the sounds comforting. I knew it was going to be a good day off right then and there. We fed horses and cleaned up, ran to the lodge to eat breakfast and then ran up town to do some errands and went to the laundromat.

We made our way back here where I worked on a project and clipped Sundance’s bridlepath, ears, legs and jaw… he looks very handsome. I met with the Parelli Saddles reps and purchased a shim, we shimmed him up and I rode and he felt ABSOLUTLEY amazing, I once again had another horse! He had the smoothest jog and he was stretching his head and neck down and blowing… I felt so happy, now that he is shimmed well he should start muscling better behind his scapula. We took a trail ride around the campus and decided to stop at the lodge for some dinner. We stopped at the arena beside the courtyard to talk with friends and I got another flying change on him! HOLY MOLY! Smile We made our way back here and I gave the sweet boy a shower and some yummies, I am about to head back out to put a sheet on him and the rest of his dinner. We have another exciting day tomorrow, I have no idea as to what we are doing but I know it will be good! We have our midterms Friday, I am so excited to get my results… I have ants in my pants! Please keep your fingers crossed. Talk with you soon! Have a great afternoon.

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