Monday, February 21, 2011

Externship–DAY 35–Personal Horsemanship, Driving with Nate and Speech Preparation Time

This morning I was able to wake up early and work on my project, make some calls and take care of my horse. I do believe the mornings are my favorite time out of the day, I had a chance to finalize some things with Marc de Champlain and talk with my family which is wonderful. We ended up meeting over across the street at the courtyard at 8:20 am to talk with Berin about the exciting week ahead. This week will consist of testing and pressing, not sure what all that will consist of though. I do know that our focus this week is driving and testing on all of the driving theory and practical tests. Most of us are quite nervous though, since we have only had 1 day of driving, and then counting today which makes two. There is a lot to see and a lot to remember, a LOT of stuff and we are very new to it and we are being tested Wednesday. I am sure if we try hard and study we can do this and pass, I am sure they will not throw stuff at us that we cannot handle… I trust Parelli in that. So this week is midterm week, I am not sure when we will get the results but I am sure it will come at the right time.

So after we met with Berin we divided into two groups, one to work with Nate for a couple of hours and another to meet with Berin across the road to play with horsemanship and get a chance to ask Berin for help with our horsemanship. For some reason, Sundance and I didn’t have a super fabulous session today. I did however learn how to fix or create a draw that is having problems at liberty, pretty good to know. I also learned a bit about being a leader in the saddle, and playing around with shims and saddle fit. I will continue to grow, everything happens for a reason, I can’t have an amazing day every day… and I do believe it is all in how you look at it as to if it is an amazing day or not?

After horsemanship time we had an intriguing lesson with Nate Bowers and the draft horses Thunder, Lightning and Peaches. There is so much to learn but I loved it and can’t wait to learn more. The drafts were great, they stood so patiently and let all the different students take the harnesses on and off, over and over again.

We went to lunch, my group did dishes for lunch, I love the core value “get it done with a little fun!”. Anything can be fun if you are in the right spirits. We met up with Berin again but this time in the Student lounge to talk about speeches and the topics we are to research. I got the topic of the Paso Fino, the gorgeous gaited spanish breed. I am going to try to get that done before this Thursday. We all split into groups to talk about what makes a good speech then went on our own to work on it ourselves. I went and took care of Sundance then joined everyone for dinner, afterwards we had a study group going on in the Student Lounge to study for the driving test, once you categorize everything in your head it is not that hard. It is also helpful to have Nate’s book around to get some visual on what we are testing on.

Tomorrow should be another day of fun with the drafts! My emotions are going a bit crazy about the testing, these results this week and at the end of my Externship mean a lot to my future and how far I will and will not go. I sure hope I have what it takes, I guess we will see in time. I know this pushing me out of my comfort zone is what is going to make me a better person, growth can only come from being outside of your comfort zone. I need a couch out here, and come chocolate… maybe that would help! I will update you guys tomorrow, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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