Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Externship - DAY 44 - Pat's Road to the Horse Talk Horsemanship and Hay Run!

Internet is still not back up, will have to talk with someone tomorrow about it. This morning at 8:00 am we all had a chance to listen to Pat, I am so beyond proud of him and honestly was one of the most enjoyable talks with him. His energy has changed a lot since he has gotten back, it's calming and sweet, I really like the atmosphere he brought to us. The horse he started, Troubadour, is doing very well. They showed a video, I cried more than once, it was beautiful and reminded me of why we are here. We made our way across the street for a horsemanship session that lasted until 1:00 pm, played with so many neat freestyle tasks. We had lunch and Michael and I went on the hay run with Leelah on the tractor. We had soccer practice, our funny little group of young students just got some extra time in. Mastery students did a Q & A session for the fast trackers then we broke for dinner, did
dishes and went and studied for facility tomorrow and enjoyed each others company. See you tomorrow!

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