Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Fools! No break after all…

Who needs a break! Since I have been home I have been at it like cheese and grits. Riding and cleaning, training and writing! Sundance seems to have soaked in a lot of what we learned at Marc’s and so have I, I am starting to use this on my other horses and they are really starting to pick up on it. I can see a big difference with all of them.

I will start back with Sundance’s development in Level 5 online and liberty not next week but the week after that and I will be starting on my 50 free hours then too, contact me if you are interested in taking some lessons from me! My place or yours, individual lessons available and get a group so we can roll the lessons on back to back.

Comment: Hi Mariah! Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I really enjoy reading your posts - the more, the better! I would like to know what the most important "lessons" or messages where which you learned from Marc. What impressed you most? How could he improve Sundance's performance when he rode him? Did you also plan to go back to study with him again? Will you be able to put his articles online? Would be a great read! Caroline

You are welcome and thank you! Most important lesson or message would be very hard to point out to be honest as I am still soaking in, most of what he taught me are in direct correlation with what Pat teaches but at Level 5 +, asking for flexion, stepping under and being super aware of where your horses mind, flexion, weight and feet are at any given moment and any time. Also being just as aware of my mind, flexion, weight and feet. Horses communicate with you FIRST with your mind and theirs, what you think is what they will feel and respond to.

What impressed me most? How Marc was always feeling what the horse was giving him and being there for the horse at the right moment at any time for any task, being that Marc was so adamant on doing everything with love, never in anger or frustration. Be as assertive as necessary but do all of it with love and understanding to the horse.

How could he improve Sundance’s performance when he rode him? He could feel what Sundance did and what Sundance did not have for the job we wanted to give him, whether mentally or physically. He could feel what the horse was giving and feel what I was riding and working with to coach me better and know both of us better.

I plan on studying with him as much as possible and we are hoping to make something of the notes one day! Hope that answered your questions, please feel free to ask more, all of you!

Thanks again!


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Parelli Central said...

You're one busy girl! Just make sure that you get enough rest and don't wear yourself out... It creeps up on you when you are as enthusiastic as you are. I talk from experience :-)
My best wishes for your future journey!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central