Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Long Stretch Home–Bright Days Ahead

I am typing this as I travel with my family on the way back home to sweet Little Patch of Heaven in North Carolina. The past couple of days with Marc De Champlain, Donna, and the rest of their furry clan have been wonderful. When I left you last, I was riding Marc’s horses, the next day we traveled to Donna’s daughters house to pick up two of her horses to ride. We had a great time visiting and seeing her new home, then we made our way to their local veterinary equine hospital to see the beautiful facility.It was great to see what they had there, wonderful place.

We made our way back to Marc’s and rode the horses, the next couple of days were spent reviewing and adding more on what we had learnt since we had gotten there. What a blast! I have learned so much, I have brought home a stack of magazines in which he has articles in and I will be organizing his work for him so some people might have a chance to start reading at least his words in the future in a more simple form. We will see what I can get organized, but I look forward to reading through these piles of magazines and learning everything I can.

I have lots to do when I get home, but I plan on taking 2 weeks off, both Sundance and I, to rest, relax, recoup and spend time with family. As of two weeks from now I may also be the proud owner of one of Marc’s buckskin gelding beauties… I will tell you more later if it all works out. But as of right now, I am going to go home and unpack and get accustomed to life back in North Carolina. I have a very very busy summer, and I am very thankful!

Do any of you have questions about my externship? Any questions about my experiences with Marc De Champlain? Or questions about what I have planned in the future? Please ask, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Caro said...

Hi Mariah!
Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I really enjoy reading your posts - the more, the better!
I would like to know what the most important "lessons" or messages where which you learned from Marc.
What impressed you most?
How could he improve Sundance's performance when he rode him?
Did you also plan to go back to study with him again?
Will you be able to put his articles online? Would be a great read!