Monday, April 4, 2011

Externship - DAY 75 - Last Soccer Practice, Last Weeks Schedule, Testing and Hot Afternoons

This morning I woke up with an exuberant smile on my face! It is the last bittersweet week of the Externship for the current class, I am ready to give my very best for this twelfth week. I got dressed and made my way out to take care of Sundance and get some chores done, I made a couple of calls and got my grounds for the rest of the week. We played soccer in preparation for the game tomorrow at 5:30 pm, our last game as externs together. We met with Berin afterwards and went over our schedule for the week, we should be testing until Wednesday and then get our reviews that same day.

We are not sure what we are doing Thursday and Friday, I do know I will be pulling out with a couple of dear friends to Perry, Georgia to meet Marc De Champlian at a big reining cow horse competition. We will spend the weekend there and my family will join me and then we will make our way to Oscilla, Ga to Marc's stables to start my training for a couple of weeks.

We started On Line testing and I do believe I am proud of Sundance, it was not his best run and there were things we messed up on but there were things that I saw improvement on that I was very pleased with! We had lunch and then we were to view the Level 4 DVD's, I had some time to work on my website and then here to do my blog for you! We are about to grab a quick dinner and then do the rest of our testing auditions, need to get that done! I am excited about getting things done, I can't wait to get my results and see how I have done. Never ending self-improvement! Here I come!

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