Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Externship–DAY 76- Thunderstorms, DVD’s, Testing and Auditions

This morning was very exciting! We woke up and started to get ready and the lights started to flicker in our little camper, quite scary I say! We looked at the radar and saw some scary weather coming, the thunder started to rumble and the lightning was striking it’s way so we hurredly got dressed at fed our horses. Raincoats are no use! We were soaked through to the bone. We went to the student lounge and talked with Berin and watched the Level 4 DVD’s as the rain poured. We met a little before lunch to get our testing line up and set up a liberty pen in the big 180 pen, those that weren’t testing at the moment were to watch the DVD and have lunch until called. The vet came at 2:00 pm and Sundance got a health certificate, so we can legally leave on Friday. I tested Liberty with Fabio, I was GREATLY pleased but not satisfied. Berin gave me a great tip and I plan on using it! We had dinner, graded some auditions, went to Publix, fed our horses, and now I am going to bed! Talk to you tomorrow! More excitement to come…

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