Sunday, April 3, 2011

Externship–DAY 73 & 74–Preparing for Last Week

Saturday consisted of chores, reading, studying, and cleaning in the morning. We joined Linda at 2:00 pm right after we did drill practice and lasted until about 5:30 pm, it was AMAZING. I have watched these horses for the past 3 months and have never seen them move like this. It is working wonders for Sundance, Lyndsey suggested I go home and do this with Reina… I do believe it will change her into a totally different horse so I am excited to do that when I get home. I do believe we are the luckiest externs there have ever been, we have been blessed with experience after experience and opportunity after opportunity. I am very thankful!

After Linda’s session, all of the externs met for a dinner of pizza at a local restaurant and enjoyed each others company for the last time out as a group. We got to bed at a good time and I was blessed enough to get to sleep in this morning, and I am spending the day in preparation for the last week and the trips ahead. Today has been a very nice day and I am trying my best to get mentally and physically prepared, wish me luck! Thanks so much guys!

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