Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 Star Course at Parelli Colorado - Day 5

Yesterday morning we started off with Carol and Ann going over tour stop and horse opportunities, then Brett Lovins came in and went over Social Media and Internet Outreach. He gave all of us great points for promoting ourselves online and reaching out to our Parelli community! I never knew that Parelli Connect could do so many things that he had shown us, it's a great tool. Carol Coppinger took the 2 stars upstairs to show us how to log our hours and how to keep track of our students, how to be savvy in every area as a Parelli Professional and if any one knows how to do that it would be Carol.

We broke for lunch then the 2 stars went to the lower barn where the externs stayed and we did some fun testing! It was a blast! Afterwards while were waiting, we all played simulations with 4 students at a time. One as the new student, one as the instructor and the other two as the students horse. WHAT a learning experience! Every instructor should do this. We came ran in the rain to the truck and drove to get some food at a local restaurant where I got some great pecan crusted mahi mahi and blue velvet cake. WOW! :) I've got today, and Sunday to catch up on office work and sleep. Looking forward to seeing you Monday!

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