Friday, August 26, 2011

2 Star Instructor Course at Parelli Colorado - Day 4

Today consisted of classroom sessions! We hid from the outside and enjoyed time with our wonderful instructors learning away. The first of the morning was spent with our enthusiastic Carol Coppinger going over more Parelli Professional logistics and expectations. Then we were joined by Tina looking over the horsenalities, the elements of man, and how to handle different personalities as and instructor. Then we were joined by Ann Kiser, Carol Coppinger, Lee Palmer, and Tina Giordanio, where they all answered questions and revealed their own elements after we guessed at them a while! That was a blast.

We broke for lunch and then came back over to the office and joined Lee Palmer upstairs for more instructor success tips, talking about setting up a session, going through the 7 Keys to Success (Attitude, Knowledge, Tool, Techniques, Time, Imagination, and Support) to assess where the student needs first, along with the 'Fix What First' game, and the 'Lemon Game'... advancing communication when it comes to explaining the program itself and not over analyzing the student.

We made our way back to the main campus where I grabbed some dinner and did some office work and marketing here on the computer, and had the chance to catch up with my beautiful family and friends back in North Carolina. They were having an Essential Oils presentation in the lodge after dinner, which was interesting to listen to while I did my work... Zoe is really good at herbs. Pretty amazing stuff!

I look forward to updating you on Day 5's events! That will be the end of week one, one week left after that! Talk to you soon!

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