Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Star Instructor Course at Parelli Colorado - Day 8

The morning is incredible, as we spent the morning up at Linda's house! The two star group was enthused, as Walter walked out and talked with us then Linda and West Point came out. He coached them through, it was beautiful to see the relationship put first with the horse and accomplish such beautiful maneuvers. Rachel, an apprentice, came out with her horse and Walter coached her through the session. We walked back to the Extern barn, where we did simulations and testing. The testing was a blast, and the simulations were even more fun! We've had a great group of instructors, and have learned a lot. We played the hunker down game as a part of our simulations, I won every round I was in but my hands didn't! Learn burn!

We broke for lunch and then joined everyone at the Corporate office to watch the Elements of Man video that was recorded while we were there this past February... what a GREAT re-cap, we will finish that in the morning. Linda is such a great teacher, I don't know if there are any materials out there about the Elements of Man, but every instructor should know this material... wow! We had campfire night last night, great burgers, and laughs! We all sang around the campfire with Pat and Tim Sullivan, I had the privilege of singing with Tim an old song... I was so nervous I could hardly sing but it was a blast! Tomorrow and Friday are the last days, I have a feeling they will be very intense. I am trusting God though, that whatever is supposed to happen will happen... I know my life is under His control!

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