Friday, September 2, 2011

2 Star Instructor Course at Parelli Colorado Campus - Day 9

Today was ABSOLUTELY sock-knocking! I lost all my socks, I'm gonna have to go buy some more tonight! The morning was spent doing two things, early morning was spent watching more of the Elements of Man recording from Linda last February. WOW! I thought it was good the first time I heard it, watching it again just totally blew my mind. I feel like i'm going insane, we went over what each element looks like and I can now pin-point each element by looking at them. I think I am going crazy, I'm walking around unconsciously assessing EVERYONE! Haha, it's crazy. But it's great, I know I am going to use this tool. Afterwards we had the surprise of watching Pat and a crew of his friends in the big arena doing some cutting, taking turns, as they practice for the show this weekend in New Mexico... WOW! You wouldn't believe how these horses moved, and I was so encouraged as I can see how my horses are not that far from being able to move that way too! Yes!

We had lunch time, with our triads, we split into different professional goals groups, my group is the Western performance team, we will be presenting our strategies to service our specific customers in the morning I do believe. We have graduation tomorrow afternoon, which I am very excited about. We will see how that goes! The afternoon was spent as a surprise, with Linda! We watched her coach 2 instructors on the new 'Steady rein' concept... as she explained it to us. I learned these concepts with the Reining cow horse trainer, Marc De Champlain, this past spring. She started to explain these things, I went 'WOW'! So Marc was right! Be looking for an article written on this subject in the next savvy times, it WILL transform your freestyle and your finesse without a doubt. Talk to you all soon! SAVVY!

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