Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 Star Parelli Instructor Course at Parelli Colorado University - Day 10 - Graduation

We all graduated today! The whole class did a phenomenal job and we are all so proud and blessed by the experience we have all been through. The 2 weeks have been absolutley mind blowing and eye opening. We had a great day, the morning was spent watching the rest of The Elements of Man, then we did our presentations from our Western Performance triad, then watched another video of Linda from 5 years ago, when she first purchased Allure, going over working with difficult horses.

We broke for lunch and went over the answers and reviewed our tests, so that we will know and make sure we can correctly portray the information to our students. Was great to review all of the stuff and Carol made it lors of fun. We joined back together for graduation dinner, great food! With apple pie! The certificates were handed out, with lots of hugs and smiles and then we joined up for a group picture. Was a very enjoyable afternoon! We have Saturday through Tuesday to do what we want, then the instructor conference and summit start up. Thinking maybe we will volunteer to help out here if needed on the days we have off. :-) See you all soon!

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