Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Adventures

Hello Folks!

In the airport on our way back from North Carolina,going to miss our family but real hapy to get back and work hard in Dallas. We are hoping for some cooler weather, the heat is making it hard on us especially with so many horses we are working with every day.

We feel so blessed to work with so many horses everyday, I feel we learn more from working with so many than we have anywhere else. That's how all of Pat's mentors became so great, worked with hundreds of thousands of horses. Which ultimatley equaled, hundreds of thousands of teachers. They really do stretch you and teach you every time, just as I remember Pat telling us that he can give us all the keys to success with horses but he could not experience experience for us... and now it truly makes sense, horses can teach you things that no human ever can. For those of you who are looking to get really good with horses, I would seize every opportunity you could get to work with as many horses that you can get your hands on. It's truly remarkable the experience!

We are also looking forward to seeing Michael, Gabriel's brother, for a week. He comes in next Friday, taking a week break from apprenticeship with Pat, as Pat takes rounds for competition. Michael will be with us, cowboying around Texas, learning as usual. We are also hoping to make it to the Katy, TX tour stop, it would be a blast to see the Parelli community of Texas in one place.

I'm bracing myself for some hot weather in Texas! I was enjoying the 48-60 degree weather in North Carolina, I tried to stuff it in my suitcase but it wouldn't FIT!!! :-(

Keep up the hard work, we'll talk soon!


Gabriel & Mariah Alway

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