Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012 A New Life

Hello Friends,

     Thanks for tuning in once again, though posts are far and few between. I've been busy getting married and making a home, starting a business with Gabriel and enjoying our time here in Texas working hard trying our best to do the very best we can for our clients and our horses all for God's glory.

     It's not an exaggerated rumor when they say Texas is hot, we have ridden many times in 109 degree heat! But it's great, all we do is ride horses all day and teach under the spacious skies. Everything is quite far apart here, lots of pastures, and just about a horse in every yard! My horses are doing well, so are Gabriel's horses. I have semi-retired Sundance, and am starting on Merauda's development, he is very talented, I get quite a thrill from riding him. Most of my time is spent helping Gabriel and riding horses, Gabriel is a wonderful teacher, far better than I am, I think he was born with the knack ;-) I love watching him teach.

Tootsie, our parrot, trying to send you a message. :-)

     God has changed me quite a lot since I've last posted, I have learned quite a bit about life and what it's really about. I hope I say all of this right, as I have quite a large and diverse audience... no pressure, ha ha. Fame is nothing, absolutley nothing, nor is position, nor is your title, or the money you make. It means nothing, the only thing that matters is the people around you that love you and the people around you that need you. There are too many people in this world trying to make a name for themselves, or feel important, when there is not enough out there that don't care about their own rights or glory because they think glory and fame will make them happy. It wont, and it never will, true happiness is in loving, and knowing where you stand, being humble, and giving yourself up to a higher purpose.

     I know I could be offending a lot of people, it's not my goal to do that, but if it does I pray you give it a lot of thought. Honestly, I have never been happier since I have given up myself to a bigger plan, and you begin to start seeing the plan a lot clearer when you do. I know that this life is short, and the only thing you can bring to the other side are the people that you've touched, positively and negatively, no riches or fame or ego. So am I giving up my dreams? No, I am living them. :-) I don't want to be a 5 star instructor, I don't have to be a 5 star instructor to make a difference, I can make a difference today. I know I have had my mistakes, and still make them, but I am striving everyday to be different and to make a difference.

It seems the rest of our year revolves around family, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course teaching and training. It's going to be fun, we are hoping to make it to the Katy, TX tour stop, Lord willing. Will any of you be there? Let me know if you will!

Please let me know if you have any requests for this blog for horsemanship, horses etc. I'd love to keep it going but want to make sure it is helping you with your journey when I do!


Mariah Alway

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