Friday, June 27, 2008

June 26, 2008 - More Riding, and Flying Lead Changes by Carrot Sticks

Carrot Stick Riding

Just to start on a hilarious note for me, for my fender length on my Natural Performer I have to set it up 13 holes from the bottom! I have never EVER had the privilege or need to do that to a saddle, I have found my saddle. I am so happy with this saddle, so happy. Okay, back to the weird mysterious place we call earth. Sundance caught me and we saddled up with pearly whites shining in the blazing sun, yes it was a dreadful 95 degrees definitely not the cool yummy 74 degrees like this morning... I need to go feed the Seniors... ah well, they can wait until I finish blogging. (You can tell I am happy, can't you) Then Sundance and I headed to our arena and warmed up a little with flexion and the porcupine games on zones 2 and 4 to make sure he can move them correctly and happily on the ground before I ask him in the saddle. Then I hopped on his gorgeous back and we walked and played with my seat, kind of a Simon says game to see if he was listening to my 'Independent' seat I was offering. He was listening pretty well, time to move up to a trot... figure eights, change of direction, then a million transitions. Great! Hardly had to use the carrot stick! Just to inform you, doing carrot stick riding is just like the game on the ground called 'Don't make me pick up the stick' very simple in it's complexity (Yes, Katie I have stolen your line! xoxo) Carrot stick riding is a lot of fun and creates fabulous results. We moved onto yielding his forequarters in a circle and hindquarters separately, the forequarters and a little challenge but he caught on SO fast because he is smart :). Then we played with simple and flying lead changes, I did about 3 flying lead changes in a row with no problem and it was SO exciting and exhilarating. I soon later joined my brother on the trails with still just the carrot stick in hand with the reins draped over the horn and used my seat and the carrot stick throughout the 2 hour ride, jumping creeks, hearding donkeys (sorry Taco!)and geese and trotting through trails. He did better, actually we did better than I expected, what an interesting but great pair we are. I can't believe we are actually doing this well in Level 3 so far, I cannot wait to see how far and fast we will go with the new Level 3 coming out in September. The play day is tomorrow, I am going to be busier than a bee today! I am getting excited about it, it will be great for my skills as a future professional and leader.

Experimenting and Succeeding with the Natural Performer


I went on a trail ride with the Beebsters yesterday morning, and he did amazingly. Picking up the right leads, now able to pick up the leads. He is now surprisingly able to pick up a canter as slow as Breezes trot! What a feat. He has a lot to learn, but he was so much fun and such a pleasure to ride. I am starting his Level 2 Freestyle and Finesse, I think it will go smoothly. I am ready to get him started, he is ready now.

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