Monday, January 17, 2011

Externship - DAY 1 - Rain is a Good Thing (Part 2)

Then we went to the Intern Tack room and met up talking about how to make the facility more self-sufficient and making sure people had roles for the time in keeping it clean. I got assigned in putting the obstacles up so the tractor could spread the Performance Arena. Sundance and I played with Liberty, Finesse and Freestyle. Our Liberty is wonderful at the moment, we are playing with advancing our Game of Contact even further and we played with freestyle patterns and reining patterns. Patterns are very helpful for Sundance since under saddle in an open area he gets impulsive and doesn't perform up to his regular Sundance Spectacularism! I am hoping to get these reining/freestyle patterns down very well... he is getting his slow western gaits very well and is offering a spin! Which I did not expect, I thought I would have to really "teach" him about it but he is offering a lot of things naturally in the reining perspective which is beyond exciting! We have some assessment testing tomorrow and then Sue Shoemark, Neil Pye, and the man who created Parelli Connect are going to be speaking and taking questions at 5:00 pm with our group and they will be filming it, I am not sure what they are filming it for but I have a feeling this Parelli Connect has the potential to get BIG. I had the chance to meet Sue Shoemark in person during lunch time and tell her thank you for advertising... (Part Three in next post)

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